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Remove Squirrels

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The grey squirrel has a grey back and tail and measure from 10 – 15 cms with their tails being 19 – 25 cms long. Squirrels are extremely agile and have been know to enter inhabited houses or buildings under guttering or even through windows in search of food. They hoard food in a variety of places. Squirrels eat nuts, fruit, flowers, shoots and cereals. Squirrels also strip bark off tress and eat the soft tissue underneath.

Squirrels hibernate in the winter and are at their most active in the spring and autumn. They have 3 – 4 litters a year with each litter being an average size of 3. They mature in 10 – 12 months and have a life span of approximately 2 years.

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Squirrels are a serious pest of plantations and market gardeners as well to houses near woods. Squirrels also can cause damage to roof timbers, electrical wiring and plumbing. We receive many calls to remove squirrels.  Squirrels will generally avoid humans but can become oblivious to them in urban areas. More details about squirrels can be found at this Wikipedia link.

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