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Remove Rabbits

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Rabbits are mammals, they have long back legs, a flat body and long ears. They are fast runners and primarily inhabit meadows, woods and forests as well as golf courses, parks and embankments. Rabbits are brown and grey in colour with whitish fur on the belly and underneath the tail.

They are fast breeders, so it is important to remove rabbit infestations quickly. Litters usually number approximately 5 – 8 and they can have up to 5 litters a year so the decision to remove rabbits needs to be taken as soon as possible. Litters are normally born between February and September with the early litters having the greatest chance of survival during the winter. For further detailed information on rabbits please click this link.

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Rabbits can cause damage to allotments and gardens which they visit to satisfy their vivacious appetite for food The damage is exacerbated by their fast rate of breeding.  Market vegetables and grass are their particular speciality. They are not known to transmit a disease to humans. Their burrows can promote erosion and subsidence in earth banks, walls and similar structures as well as being unsightly.

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