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Remove Moles

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Moles live exclusively underground so it requires an expert to remove moles. Moles have small ears, are silver grey to black in colour though albino moles have been found occasionally. Their tail is short and covered in hairs; adults weigh between 70 to 100 gms. They have an extremely well-developed sense of smell and hearing. Moles tend to be solitary by nature and spend the majority of their time tunnelling using their spade-like forepaws. Their main food is the earthworm as well as insect larvae. They do not hibernate and are active throughout the year. For more information on moles please see thislink  on moles.

Moles breed from February to June, have one litter a year of approximately 2 – 7. They reach maturity in 5 weeks and have a life span of approximately 3 years.

Remove Moles - Pest Control

Mole hills are a serious nuisance and where grass is grown for silage it is easily ruined with earth from mole hills. Stones can be brought to the surface by mole hills which cause damage to grass cutters or cause plants to die due to the soil drying out. Moles can cause listeria in cattle. On race courses, golf courses and grass airfields, mole hills can become obstacles with the potential of causing serious or unsightly damage.

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