remove hornets

Remove Hornets

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Hornets can reach up to 2 inches in length and appear as a large or overgrown wasp. Hornets normally have a yellow circular ring toward the rear of the body under which is a vicious sting, consequently, it is important to remove hornet infestations quickly. Hornets make exposed nests in trees and shrubs as well as in underground or building cavities.

The nest is made in the spring which houses a fertilised female hornet queen. The nest's cells are arranged in horizontal layers with an egg laid in each cell. As the colony grows the cells increase in number and colony can reach up to approximately 700 hornets. Hornets feed on nectar and sugar rich foods or over ripe fruit.

Hornet stings are more painful to humans than wasp stings due to the larger amount of venom they inject. Hornets can mobilise an entire nest to sting in their defences which can be particularly hazardous to animals as well as humans. A hornet can sting many times and their stingers are not barbed like a bee. Hornet stings can cause sever allergic reactions and in very severe cases if not treated, death.

It is important to remove hornet infestations safely as quickly as possible. Merlin Services Wiltshire Ltd can do this for you.