mouse mice pest control salisbury wiltshire

House Mouse (Mus Domesticus)


Brown to grey with a small snout, small rounded ears and long naked and almost hairless tail, the house mouse is typically 7 – 10 cms in length. The tail is approximately the length of the mouse. They run, walk or stand on all fours when eating. They are extremely good jumpers, climbers and swimmers. They live in holes inside a building or outside, and construct nests of soft materials.


The average life span is 3 – 4 months and they have approximately 5 – 8 litters a year with each litter being between 4 – 8. Their urine has a strong odour.


House mice can transmit disease and contaminate food and damage food packaging. They can also eat through wiring insulation with devastating results to the animal as well as to the house or commercial premise. They find their way into lofts, garages and out buildings and large families can build up quite quickly when there is adequate food to support them.

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mouse mice pest control salisbury wiltshire