Common Housefly (Musca Domestica)

Key Features

Adult flies are 6 – 8 mm long and their larva look like a maggot and changes from white to cream in the latter stages of pupation. Flies are normally found near or on refuse, rotting food and manure heaps.


Adults can live for up to 3 – 4 months depending on the temperature. The female can lay many hundreds of eggs during her lifetime and the larvae can burrow into food to avoid the light. Flies are attracted by odours and will travel many miles to find food.


Flies are well known disease carriers as they travel many miles from the contaminated source to the infected area in your house or business. Diseases are dysentery, gastroenteritis and tuberculosis and they can transmit intestinal worms. Good hygiene is essential.

Cluster Flies, which are similar to House Flies, are able to build up in large numbers in winter months when they hibernate. They can be a real nuisance when they hatch and proper pest control measures are required to eliminate this infestation.

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